We wonder again and again, but evil gains always the upper hand. When you have solved a problem, it grows already a still greater challenge of evil. Yes, otherwise there wouldn’t be progress, also we then wouldn’t know to appreciate the good. The US system embodied by president Donald Trump, winner or loser, is actually unchristian, but is the reason that our financial system is cutting more and more itself loose from the economy. Both is mirrored in the terms ,winner’ and ,jobs’. Winners are those who have won billions on the stock exchange according to the Las Vegas manner and are stinking rich or do so, while the others have to plod with jobs, therefore the functional apparatus. That gold-rush-mentality is reflected in Mr. Trump’s election campaign, but also in his person as the president. He hovers between the morass of Russia-manipulations and a globally leading role. I think and this I would recommend him and the USA please do not stir any farther, it will never be quite clear, but would harm the reputation of the president and therefore of America. In return Mr. Trump should dismantle the wall which is between US capitalists and the job searching or having majority. Both sides shall improve themselves. Our life isn’t gamble or gutter, it is forgiveness, therefore a general life culture which meets the highest requirements. God hasn’t created money, but the nature and the beauty and the human culture of life. If we subordinate to it the money, we are wise. Greed and money create greed and terror. We will never change totally, neither you, nor president Trump. Weapons are important, but much, much more important is the forgiveness.