miercuri, 2 decembrie, 2020


    Tuesday China's unmanned Chang'e 5 will land on the moon.

    This weekend Sydney is sweating at temperatures over 40 Celsius, while in New South Wales there were the worst forest fires.

    Efforts in Geneva for a Syrian strategic peace solution. In the almost completely ruined country hundreds of thousands people had been killed.

    The European Union sees opportunities for strategic partnership with the USA under president Joe Biden. First subjects: Corona, economy and climate change.

    French investigations against 4 brutal policemen, who in Paris showed racist violence and forged documents.

    The German minister Braun: Turnover can not be the criteria for public Corona support. Companies who had invested during the last periods and yet don't show...

    US medicine company  Moderna applied for the EU admission for its Corona vaccine with an effect of 94,1 %. Now the drug agency Ema has...

    According to Cancellor Dr. Angela Merkel the European Union will by fare extent its cooperation with Africa, now under the German presidency, but also under the...

    Ireland relaxes the Corona restriction with business opening for facilities, hairdressers, fitness, cinemas and churches, from 4th December also pubs will be open.

    According to Surveys and Nicola Sturgeon: The Scottish majority would prefer now the independence.


    Wealthy municipalities. According to the German Federal Statistic Office 2018 the municipalities in Germany got totally 14,2 billion Euro property taxes and 55,8 billion business taxes.