luni, 15 iulie, 2019


    Prince Harry will visit Africa. In autumn together with Duchess Meghan and little Archie he will travel to South Africa, Angola, Malawi and Botswana. 

    Pacific earthquakes on weekend. The quakes in Australia, Indonesia and Philippines had a magnitude of 5,5 up to 7,2.  

    The new train with Chinese technology.  Cuba has put into operation its brand-new train from Havana to Guantanamo.

    Iranian president Rouhani will negotiate with the US. His request: lifting of the sanctions.  

    Problems with Indian moon-mission. 56 minutes before the start it was stopped because of technical problems. September an orbiter shall land on the moon.

    US churches grant Asylum to migrants. Thousands demonstrated against President Trump's migration policy, who had ,advised'  Democrat women in the Congress from immigrant families...

    EU foreign ministers meet this Monday. They will discuss in Brussels about Iranian Uranium enrichment and refugees, the situation in Libya and their rescue...

    Galileo Navigation-system offline. After first problems last Thursday 22 Galileo satellite were offline up to late Sunday.

    Great Britain will release the Iranian tanker. But foreign minister Jeremy Hunt requests the Iranian assurance that the freight won't go to Syria.

    Demos in Khartoum, Sudan. Several ten-thousands demonstrated against the ,security' forces which had killed more than 100 people during the last weeks.


    44 candidates for the Ukrainian presidency. According to the polls at the elections end of March the greatest chances have the comedian Wladimir Selinski and Yulia...