joi, 24 septembrie, 2020


    USA: Growing unamployment rate. Last time 8,7 % were out of work.

    Germany. Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen's ex-president accused of market manipolation, fraud and lack of information. Now he is in court in Braunschweig.

    China. Since 2017 China has set up 300 internment camps for Uighurs. 14 are still under construction.

    Israel: Second Lockdown because of increase in serious, bad cases. Half of the EU member states are risk areas, but in Romnia situation isn't so bad.

    Germany: 2 important ministers in preventive quarantine. Foreign minister Haas and minister Altmaier, economy, both had been in contact with Corona infected.

    Germany. Catholic church will pay up to 50.000 euro to victims of sexual abuse.

    London. Ex-tennis star Boris Becker at the court. He denied bankruptcy in 19 cases and might stay in prison for up to 7 years.

    Munich. Drug raid against drug trafficking. 20 police officers suspected.

    Brussels. Pro Asyl, Oxfam, Caritas and others have protested against the Asylum reform of the European Union. The EU will asylum procedures on the EU external...

    New York. After Dr. Angela Merkel also the Egypt president Al-Sisi requested the expansion of the UNO security council.


    Wealthy municipalities. According to the German Federal Statistic Office 2018 the municipalities in Germany got totally 14,2 billion Euro property taxes and 55,8 billion business taxes.