marți, 24 septembrie, 2019


    Travel agency Thomas Cook is broke. 600.000 tourists are effected.

    Swedish and Russian experts: A collision in the Asteroid Belt 470 million years ago set off an Ice Age on the earth. The results:...

    26 dead and 12 injured at a bus accident in Pakistan. The bus was on the way to Rawalpindi.

    British prime minister Boris Johnson at the UN climate summit. He will meet with Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk, the president of...

    Common dreams and a good future'. In Houston, Texas, Indians and Americans with India descent met with the Indian prime minister Modi. US President...

    German president Walter Steinmeier: Trade Unions are indispensable for freedom and social cohesion in the society.

    We want to end the era Benjamin Netanyahu'. The United Arab list recommended Benny Gantz as prime minister of an Israeli coalition.

    Coalition of hope of the Gulf states'. Hassan Ruhani, president of the Iran, will present his security project at the UN plenary session.

    Asylum-agreement between USA and El Salvador. Asylum seekers  who have arrived through El Salvador can be returned to their home countries, where they can...

    Labor  party congress in Brighton between Brexit-no and Brexit-yes. Jeremy Corbyn has to mediate.


    Wealthy municipalities. According to the German Federal Statistic Office 2018 the municipalities in Germany got totally 14,2 billion Euro property taxes and 55,8 billion business taxes.