sâmbătă, 25 ianuarie, 2020


    New great fires in Australia: Airport Canberra closed! 3 people were killed on the crash of a fire-fighting plane 100 km South of Canberra.

    Iran and Saudi Arabia ready for negotiations. Iranian foreign minister Sarif and his Saudi Arabian collegue Faisal bin Farhan are are striving for regional...

    UN special envoy James Jeffrey warns against new IS-terror in Iraq and Syria. There are still up to 18.000 active IS fighters.

    Angela Merkel in Davos: Climate neutrality up to 2050, a question of survival! All the world has to act. Each country must change its...

    Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet Turkish president Erdogan in Istanbul. Both will discuss about refugees, Libya and the customs Union with the EU.

    In Yad Vashem German president Steinmeier warned against ,evil spirits'. Today they appear in a new guise. In his partly Jewish speech he assured:...

    This Friday Donald Trump will participate in the ,March of Life' of abortionists.

    The next days US president Donald Trump will present a plan for Middle East reconciliation. Mainly it has to do with the Israeli relations...

    Bangkok in dense smog of 95 micro-gram/cubic meter. The reason: Burning near

    Volcanic eruption risk in Taal near Manila! 235.000 people were evacuated.


    Wealthy municipalities. According to the German Federal Statistic Office 2018 the municipalities in Germany got totally 14,2 billion Euro property taxes and 55,8 billion business taxes.