vineri, 10 aprilie, 2020


    Joe Biden qualified to be the Democrat candidate against Donald Trump in this year's US presidential elections.

    Lufthansa needs state aid. Instead of the usual 350.000 daily passengers, there are actually only 3.000 ones. It leads to a loss of 1 million euro...

    To prevent the spread Corona virus from spreading: 2 weeks cease fire in Yemen.

    Good news! Prisoner exchange between the two Ukrainian conflict parties. The target is a solution of the humanitarian and security problems in Luhansk and the Donbass...

    The European Court Luxembourg ordered: Poland has to suspend the new law for disciplining judges.

    World Health Organisation: ,All political parties shall focus on saving their people'. US president Trump had accused WHO of failure in the Corona pandemic and announced...

    More than 400.000 Corona infections in the USA, while 13.000 infected have died.

    British Corona infected prime minister Boris Johnson's condition is stable. He s treated with oxygen in the intensive care unit.

    The first ones of the 80.000 Romanian seasonable harvest workers have arrived on German airports Düsseldorf and Berlin.

    The Japanese government has decided on an 1 trillion USD economic stimulus package. It mainly shall support small companies and families hit by the Corona virus.


    Wealthy municipalities. According to the German Federal Statistic Office 2018 the municipalities in Germany got totally 14,2 billion Euro property taxes and 55,8 billion business taxes.