marți, 18 mai, 2021

    It pains me when, like now, the never ending conflict between Muslims
    and Jews has broken out. I think Christians should convey with love and
    understanding. The Crusadors had only started the conflict. Both
    religions had previously lived together in peace in the Holy Land.
    Worldly power, influence, money and malice are not the carriers of a
    culture, but rather its destroyers. Secular power, influence, money and
    malice are not the bearers of a culture, but rather its destroyers.
    Every tree has its roots, including religions. But what value are they
    if you kill the other. Then nobody lives and survives anymore. Enjoy
    life because this is what you were born for. It is not God’s fault that
    you do not get along with your life and often do not allow the other
    person to do anything. We quarrel over energy. That is understandable,
    only when water and air are contaminated, people will dig their graves,
    everything is in vain. Let’s learn our lesson from the wicked little
    devil, Corona. It’s tiny. You can’t see it, and yet it’s kind of
    World-War III. He shows us what i really important: Clean air, clean
    earth and water. Your prayer is appropriate here, because this is about
    creation, creativity and letting life.

    We are one people. We all have the same root, our God and the Old
    Testament. The Old Testament became creator of human families, of
    different religions with branches grown from the same root, a family
    with the same Father. And our God will be the same forever. We can look
    to Him differently like to any root. We can pray, but can’t buy or steal
    Him. A Holy Land doesn’t stop with Jews, Muslims and Christians. My
    dream is an Arab-Jewish Union, similar to the European Union. Let’s pray
    for it.


    There was a time, when a Roman Empire stretched from North-Africa up to Northern Europe. It took 2 terrible wars to prove that we better live in a Union. But still the Union isn’t completed. Missing is the South beyond the Mediterranean, which 2000 years ago was not only an important economic factor under Roman protection, but also the religious base for our Old Testament. The trunk remained, but the branches sprout: Islam and Reformation, while the Catholic Church remained in Rome. The Irish monk Columban, a relative of mine, missionised the European North. John Knox, as well relative with me, was reformer of Presbyteranian churches, while in Russia and the Balkans the Orthodox church grew up. Faith and Churches are directed to our greatest power, to God. A problem is the individual view, that we ourselves are not up to. Diversity can strengthen, while one-sided views narrow. Important – like with vaccines – is that we are healed. To prey to God enriches, whatever we call him. We need North Africa and the Middle East, not only because of petrol. It is our home. We need wide peace and and tolerance, not to hide, but to move forward! We need an Arabian-European Union. It would solve a lot of problems. Work on it, because we all need work, bread and development, but also a very personal relation to God.    



    According to Israeli report houses of 9 Hamas commanders were destroyed, also a 15 km long tunnel.

    Chancellor Dr. Merkel assured solidarity to Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and to take actions in Germany against hatred and antisemitism.

    The Middle East Quartet USA, Russia, UNO and EU are looking for de-escalation in the Middle East conflict. After 200 dead it has to do with a political solution.

    According to UNO estimates: In 2016 there have died 745.000 people on over-working.

    German women protest against the Catholic prohibition of women’s preaching: 12 women have preached in 12 different locations in memory of Apostle Junia.

    In Catalan Parliament the 74 separatists will have the majority under prime minister Pero Aragones.

    In 2021 have been already at least 100.000 internally displaced persons have fled their homes.

    Great Britain enjoys new Corona-freedoms: In closed rooms up to 6 people can meet – ,without distance’!