duminică, 20 iunie, 2021

    GOD. God remains God, in contrast to us humans, who can only believe what happens after their death. Maybe then exactly what you imagined will happen. Man has to trust God, this trust works in our worst time, in our death. The Iran has elected Ebrahin Raisi as its president. I was in Iran in 1969 on a concert tour as first violinist together with a top German orchestra, the Bamberg Symphonic. Before that, we had given concerts in Cairo and stayed in the former Royal Park. Shortly before the plane landed in Tehran, I felt terribly bad. In the hotel in Tehran I had life-threatening high fever. The doctor from the German embassy was called immediately and confirmed that if he had come a little later, I would have been dead. Under his treatment I soon recovered and could see a little of the city. It was beautiful, neatly kept with happy people and an attractive economy. Then the Shah ruled, today the Koran and prayers. We all believe in the same God. And you have to respect that, even if you practice worship differently. It is not about how how we serve God, but that we serve Him and pray to Him. And now the bottom line: We all have to respect each other’s service to God. This tolerance is often difficult, so difficult that it is fought fr and people are killed. To defend the love of God which human murder presuppose that God is incapable of this and needs our help, which in my view is unthinkable.

    A FAKED DOCUMENT in order to prove in Romania that former King Michael has married with Ana in Athens.

    1. Ex-King Mihai was no longer ,Rege I al Romania’. 

    2. He was no longer a Romanian Citizen 

    3. His Domicile wasn’t Romania, because he had been exiled

    The translation of the General Secretary of the Greek government that there is no marriage certified in Greece, so there was no marriage. 

    The later published information that it was a religious marriage is faked as well, because Mihai was Orthodox and Ana was Catholic which – at least that time – had forbidden any marriage.

    A hard rending English document

    King George VI and Queen Elizabeth want to visit Romania in June 1939 (the period Crown-prince Mihai and Nerissa Jane Irene Bowes-Lyon should marry). On the original Archive’s document is a big stain of blood!  Mihai as the King hadn’t protected the life of Nerissa in August 1944. So she and me were deported to Hitler’s camp ,Wolfsschanze’. There she was shot in front of me. This was also testified by general of Kielmansegg, later supreme commander of the NATO.



    Duchess Kate of Great Britain will support early childhood education: all the personality and hearth have their origin in the early childhood.

    John Bercow, who had cried so lovely ,Order – Order’ in the former British Parliament has changed to the Labor party. 

    US president Joe Biden mourns: ,Champ’, his beloved 13 years old sheepdog has died.

    The USA will invest 3,2 billion USD for Corona investigation for Corona discovery, medicine and anti-viral drugs. China has vaccinated about a billion people against Corona.

    Wild boar hunting! The young wild boar slipped through the ticked barriers of the Underground railway and ran into a train, got off a bit later and changed the lines. Finally it was caught in the depot and was set free.