joi, 25 februarie, 2021


    Russia is downright a world of its own, at least in terms of its size of more then 17 million square kilometers, whereas the next largest countries, Canada, USA and China, look like dwarfs. When there was division and unrest in the USA under Donald Trump, you couldn’t imagine, that something similar would have happen in Russia. Similar it is with the Russian death numbers in the 2nd World War of 13 million soldiers and 14 million civilians, while in Germany ,only’ 6.355 million death were mourned. But here we have to include the 5.700 million killed civilians in Poland, a tremendously large number of victims, which was put in perspective with Willy Brandt’s humble kneeling. Only with regard to these numbers we can understand the ,yesterday’ and the ,today’, the difficulty of ,classifying’, but also the ,subordination’ of the Polish governmental politics within the European Union and also in Russia the way authorities want to curb their main opposition leader. I don’t want to mention the mass-murderer Stalin, but a Nikita Khrushchev has not only beaten the UNO lectern with his shoe, but started such things so terrible, that my plead for understanding would be blackened out by the censors. We don’t need stable governments only and their humanity, but as well even a wide mutual understanding. Our dress- and shoe-sizes are not the same as well. Before your ,political buttons’ burst or your feet ,get sore’, think about: Sometimes the truth is extremely hard to understand, very, very hard!  But it is the truth. DIETER STANZELEIT



    99 years old Prince Phillip, the husband of the Queen, has still stay in the ,King-Edward-VII’ hospital for several days, ,a precautionary measure’.

    German forests are in a never-known deplorable situation: drought, pests, storms. 277.000 hectares should be afforested.

    23 tons cocaine from South America found in the Hamburg port, where they were confiscated. 28 people from The Netherlands were arrested.

    Amnesty International withdraws Alexei Navaln’s state ,as a prisoner of conscience’ politician after his discriminating speeches during past years.

    USA will return to the UN human rights council in 2022 which the USA had left in 2018 by Donald Trump.

    China’ Mars probe ,Tianwen-1′ in orbit around Mars.

    Corona vaccine Johnson&Johnson needs only a one time injection within an effect of 85 % at Corona and 66 % at the Corona variations.