miercuri, 29 septembrie, 2021

    DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS could be – besides the church service – one of the
    most wonderful treasures of the mankind. We elect our representatives,
    who in the most honest way protect and preserve our basic rights on all
    areas. It sounds too wonderful…I would even like to say, to wonderful
    to be true, but I haven’t said it. In the US we had the most atrocious
    events before the elections, we had the German railway strike and
    pointing bitchy finger to pseudo culprits. Dr. Angela Merkel always took
    a lot of time for the compromise, a wise attitude, because sometime
    everybody gets tired. Now it’s getting up and down for her succession.
    The one has laughed at the wrong time, the other gets drawn through the
    corruption cocoa. Verbally they all make it better and point to the
    other one, because it is for a lot of influence, power and money, where
    nobody wants to be a fool. Even the colors don’t match, green will be
    red, red will be still dark-red, yellow looks black and all talk about
    climate-change, because – finally – that is the looser.

    DEMOKRATISCHE Wahlen könnten nach dem Kirchengottesdienst eine der
    wunderbarsten Schätze der Menschheit sein. Wir wählen unsere Vertreter,
    die in ehrlicher Weise unsere Grundrechte auf allen Gebieten schützen
    und bewaren. Das klingt zu schön…ich wollte schon sagen, zu schön, um
    wahr zu sein, habe es also nicht gesagt. Wir hatten in den USA grausige
    Ereignisse vor den Wahlen, wir hatten in Deutschland einen
    Eisenbahnerstreik und zickiges Fingerzeigen auf pseudo Schuldige. Frau
    Dr. Merkel nahm sich immer viel Zeit für den Kompromiss, eine weise
    Haltung, denn irgendwann wird jeder müde. Jetzt geht es rauf und runder
    um ihre Nachfolge. Der Eine hat zur Unzeit gelacht, der Andere wird
    durch den Korruptions-Kakao gezogen. Alle machen es verbal besser und
    zeigen auf den Anderen, denn es geht um viel Einfluss, um Macht und sehr
    viel Geld, wo keiner der Dumme sein will. Auch die Farben passen nicht
    mehr, grün will rot, rot will röter, gelb sieht schwarz und alle
    sprechen vom Klima Wandel, denn der ist letztendlich der Dumme.





    OUR CITIES are sick, overpopulated, inhuman. Bucharest still made the best of it, Kindergartens, many little parks, where Children can play in green air. But look at our rush hours, then I must confess: The town is almost collapsed. There are no parking lots, instead parking is on footpaths and crosswalks. The most beautiful parks cannot prevent that pollutants fill our lungs, that we constantly hear car traffic as our ,music’, that the negative impressions predominate. An unhealthy piping of society can be felt and heard as a protest, when decked-up motorbikes roar through the city. Man has to go back to where he came from, back to nature, down to earth. Therefore the contrary to Skyscrapers, where all apartments are the same as one egg to the other. Man is more than a car-driver, more than an animal that lives ,in the barn in mass liability’ in a Skyscraper’. We had 2 World-wars, massacres and have still many conflicts. We have to find our way  back to the ground, to our Earth. Otherwise the Earth has lost for us, we would then be parted with it. Perhaps you may say: And what about production, factories, offices? That all can be done in the countryside! There is room. You only have to start with it. There is earth, goodhearted creativity. Again, man can and has to live with man, back to nature.


    Pe cât de frumoase sunt parcurile, copacii și numeroasele spații verzi din București, pe atât de urât este traficul care merge în direcția greșită: linii de mașini, fără loc de parcare și magazine goale. Propunerea mea: transport public complet gratuit, metrou, autobuz și tramvai. Magazinele vor vinde, își vor plăti impozitele, iar Bucureștiul primeste și mai mulți bani decât înainte. DIETER STANZELEIT

    A FAKED DOCUMENT in order to prove in Romania that former King Michael has married with Ana in Athens.

    1. Ex-King Mihai was no longer ,Rege I al Romania’. 

    2. He was no longer a Romanian Citizen 

    3. His Domicile wasn’t Romania, because he had been exiled

    The translation of the General Secretary of the Greek government that there is no marriage certified in Greece, so there was no marriage. 

    The later published information that it was a religious marriage is faked as well, because Mihai was Orthodox and Ana was Catholic which – at least that time – had forbidden any marriage.

    A hard rending English document

    King George VI and Queen Elizabeth want to visit Romania in June 1939 (the period Crown-prince Mihai and Nerissa Jane Irene Bowes-Lyon should marry). On the original Archive’s document is a big stain of blood!  Mihai as the King hadn’t protected the life of Nerissa in August 1944. So she and me were deported to Hitler’s camp ,Wolfsschanze’. There she was shot in front of me. This was also testified by general of Kielmansegg, later supreme commander of the NATO.



    Like on a chicken-yard it cackles excitedly in Chancellor Dr. Merkel’s German Union’s party. In 2017 it got 32,9 %, at the actual elections however only 24,1 %. However the Liberals are happy with their 11,5 % and especially the Social democrats which got 25,7 % instead of the previous 20,5 %. 

    5,8 Earthquake on Crete Monday morning. One person was killed. 

    Volcano in La Palma with a black cloud. People fear the toxic cloud and the 1.000 degrees hot lava. 

    An 28 years old school mistress was found dead in a London park. 

    23.000 years old footprints found in North America in the mud of a former lake. 

    Attention! In Uganda was found a especially resistant ,Malaria’. 

    The Mars lander wiglet at 3 earth quakes.