sâmbătă, 23 octombrie, 2021

    The European Commission has created the Fire Information Exchange Platform. The energy efficiency of buildings and their renovation is also important. It increases energy efficiency but can also increase the risk of fires. Are we ready to face it?Furthermore, in Romania, most buildings do not have a fire safety certificate! Also, the technical regulations on fire safety of buildings are over 22 years old.Why do we need to revisit building fire safety? Because our way of life has changed. Society is changing, technology is changing, our needs are changing.This means that our homes and office buildings, schools, concert halls, pubs, etc., are also changing:- We live and work in taller and taller buildings- We use new products and construction methods both for home and for offices, schools, kindergartens, gyms, stadiums, concert halls .As a result, the behavior of the fire changes. In 1950, a room was engulfed in flames in 25 minutes. It only takes 3 minutes now. We know that the nature of buildings is changing: the construction industry is developing new innovative solutions that the existing regulations and testing regimes have not surpassed.

    On the other hand, the energy efficiency of buildings is becoming a necessity in Europe, in order to reduce bills for heating and cooling buildings, for comfort but especially to reduce the carbon emissions that produce global warming. 75% of buildings in the European Union need energy efficiency and the necessary measures must be taken to increase fire safety.

    AS A CHILD, I myself experienced events that were so explosive and terrible, that they could still cause a lot of harm now, around 75 years later. But they became my lesson, to fight always for peace. We humans are borne to life, but not to be killed afterwards. Different views of religion, God and the Prophets should be appreciated. They have a deep meaning and tradition, in which their followers are reflected. We all live on our globe that rotates slowly, which everything comes again, including actions and reactions. Nothing is lost, everything stays there on our earth.Different is the view, our view, above all the source, how we pray and see God and the prophets. I was among the Uyghurs, also in their temple. I prayed in Japan, in Tibet, in Cairo, in Istanbul, in Romania in the Orthodox Patriarchy, in the Evangelian church, in the Anglican church, in the Jewish temple. God was the same. Different was my position from which I looked at God. There different Houses of worship can only reflect humility and love, all the others is misuse, the sword to humiliate others. Here we should switch to the beginning, because this rotation of the world is wrong. 

    ICH SELBST HABE als Kind Dinge erlebt, die so brisant und furchtbar waren, dass sie noch jetzt, ca. 75 Jahre danach, sehr viel Unheil anrichten könnten. Ich habe das verstanden und schweige darüber. Sie aber wurden mir die Lehre, immer für Frieden zu kämpfen. Wir Menschen werden zum Leben geboren, doch nicht, um danach umgebracht zu werden. Verschiede Ansichten von Religion, Gott und Propheten sollten gewürdigt werden. Sie haben eine tiefe Bedeutung und Tradition, in denen ihre Anhänger sich wieder spiegeln. Wir alle leben auf unserer Erdkugel, die sich langsam dreht, wodurch alles wieder kommt, auch Aktionen und Reaktionen. Nichts ist verloren, alles ist da, bleibt da, auf unserer Erde. Unterschiedlich ist die Sicht, unsere Sicht, vor allem die Quelle, wie wir beten und Gott und die Propheten sehen. Ich war bei den Uiguren, auch in ihrem Tempel. Ich betete in Japan, in Tibet, in Kairo, in Istambul, in Rumänien in der Orthodxen Patriarchie, in der evangelischen Kirche, in der Anglikanischen Kirche, im jüdischen Tempel. Gott war derselbe. Unterschiedlich war mein Standort, von dem aus ich auf Gott sah. Diese vielen Gotteshäuser können doch nur Demut und Liebe widerspiegeln, alles Andere ist Mißbrauch, das Schwert, andere zu demütigen. Hier sollten wir auf Anfang schalten, denn diese Weltdrehung ist falsch.  



    WHEN DOGS BARK ,with their tails’ and those ,tails’ were made of gold,
    there is a quarrel. I am sure, here there is a lot of ,gold’ at stake.
    Poland has been since 2004 EU member, so have to recognize the judgement
    of the European Court of Justice: EU law has priority over all national
    Constitutional questions of member states. The Polish government had
    created a disciplinary  chamber with ,Supreme effect on the previously
    independent Polish constitutional judges’. Julia Przylebska, confidante
    of PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski, ruled that the EU could only act
    within the limits that Poland has granted the EU. Because of that, the
    EU appealed against this to the European Court of Justice. The logical
    judgment: EU takes precedence over national law. We assume: There is
    lot of money and greed involved… 

    Wenn Hunde mit dem Schwanz bellen und dieser Schwanz aus Gold ist, dann
    gibt es Zank. Ich glaube, es geht hier um sehr viel Geld. Polen ist seit
    2004 EU-Mitglied, müsste also das Urteil vom 2.3.2021 des Europäischen
    Gerichtshof anerkennen: EU Recht hat Vorrang vor allen nationalen
    Verfassungsrechtlichen Fragen der Mitgliedstaaten. Die polnische
    Regierung hatte 2018 eine Disziplinarkammer geschaffen mit ,oberster
    Wirkung auf die bisher unabhängigen polnischen Verfassungsrichter’.
    Präsident der neuen Diszinarkammer wurde Julia Przylebska, Vertraute von
    PiS Präsident Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Frau Przylebska urteilte: Die EU darf
    nur in den Grenzen handeln, die ihr von Polen zuerkannt werden. Dagegen
    klagte die Europäische Union beim Europäischen Gerichtshof. Das logische
    Urteil: Die EU hat Vorrang vor nationalem Recht. Es geht um sehr viel
    Geld und Gier.




    A FAKED DOCUMENT in order to prove in Romania that former King Michael has married with Ana in Athens.

    1. Ex-King Mihai was no longer ,Rege I al Romania’. 

    2. He was no longer a Romanian Citizen 

    3. His Domicile wasn’t Romania, because he had been exiled

    The translation of the General Secretary of the Greek government that there is no marriage certified in Greece, so there was no marriage. 

    The later published information that it was a religious marriage is faked as well, because Mihai was Orthodox and Ana was Catholic which – at least that time – had forbidden any marriage.

    A hard rending English document

    King George VI and Queen Elizabeth want to visit Romania in June 1939 (the period Crown-prince Mihai and Nerissa Jane Irene Bowes-Lyon should marry). On the original Archive’s document is a big stain of blood!  Mihai as the King hadn’t protected the life of Nerissa in August 1944. So she and me were deported to Hitler’s camp ,Wolfsschanze’. There she was shot in front of me. This was also testified by general of Kielmansegg, later supreme commander of the NATO.



    Former US president Obama has wrote to Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel: You was a role model for all of us, also with you humor.

    EU Council president Charles Michel called Mrs. Merkel a ,monument’ similar to Rome without Vatican, similar to Paris without Eiffel Tower.

    Dr. Merkel promotes the dialogue and understanding concerning the problem with the Poles in the EU.

    Polish leader of the opposition, Donald Tusk: The National Conservative party PiS has become a problem for whole EU.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel promotes the dialogue and understanding in the relations with Poland in view of the threat from Belarus. There aren’t enough financial resources to stop refugees sent by Belarus with a great wall.

    Croatia and Bulgaria will become Corona-high-risk-areas on Sunday as well as already are Romania, Lithuania, Slovenia and need vaccinations.

    Bad news from Australia: Bees are threatened, because they don’t have resistance against varroa-mites. Now Australia imports queen-bees from Europe.

    The famous Dutch conductor Bernard Haitink has died. He conducted almost all famous orchestras.