miercuri, 26 ianuarie, 2022

    FORMER POPE BENEDICT: ,As Archbishop I did not know of 4 cases sexual
    abuse in the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising’. Now the public Prosecutor
    checks sexual abuse in 42 cases in the Archdiocese, which are available
    in an expert opinion. ,The abuse cases haven’t been dealt with
    adequately.’ Christian Churches are being aimed at Jesus Christ. If it
    is lived and preached about in the service, then for me it is the
    greatest offense of violating that natural order, even still much worse,
    if it is concealed and covered by the Archbishop and Pope, and still
    more, when this man was freely elected Pope. It isn’t something you can
    imagine in your worst dreams. A man like that, belongs into the prison.
    According to the legal situation – at least in Germany – those offenders
    belong in jail for a long time, even those who haven’t reported it at
    the police. What the Catholic Church has failed to do for centuries, is
    the permission for ,normal churchmen and -women’ to live a normal
    married life. Otherwise it is against nature! The Orthodox church should
    be a model here: Bishops are appointed from the monasteries, all the
    other priests can have a family, of course!


    At least 34 dead on Madagascar because of strong rainfall. Houses crashed or swam away.

    According to South Korea the ,brother’ from the North has fired already 5 great weapon tests this year.

    7 people had frozen dead on a wooden boat with terribly crowded wooden boat on its way to Lampedusa.

    Submarine super-volcano and Tsunami on the Tonga islands witch shall be 100 times stronger than the Hiroshima bomb once on Japan.

    Africa-Football Cup with a mass panic, death and injured, in Cameroon.

    USA sends military equipment and ammunition to the Ukraine.

    Turkey and Greece completely in the snow chaos. Hundreds of car drivers were blocked and had to sleep in their cold cars.

    Space Telescope ,James Webb’ arrived at the finish. It will explore the early days in the Universe.




    I WAS HORRIFIED when I read 2 books, one about the conference in Yalta and one about Bomber Harris. At first I couldn’t believe it, then I compared the data and was horrified. Now I understand, why I once became the Child King of Romania, which was confirmed to me in a long conversation with former NATO supreme commander General Count of Kielmansegg. The truth is cruel, too cruel for this world than we ever could imagine. I compared the exact data of the Conference in Yalta with those I had received from other sources. I was overcome by tears. It was so cruel what had happened after the execution of my beloved mother! I was so massacrated by order of Hitler towards the end 1944, that I almost bled to death, if not Irmgard Stanzeleit, an East-Prussian refugee woman hadn’t nursed me back to health. Her little Dieter died on 4th February 1945 and was buried s and bitter revenge for under my code name so that no further search should be made for me. Sir Archibald  Clark Kerr, good friend of the British Royal Family and highly respected diplomat found out and thought I would have died. In 1944 my mother, after her marriage with prince Michael the Romanian Queen, had together with Archibald Clark Kerr negotiated at Stalin the most favorable peace treaty for Romania. Then it came the catastrophe, when a desperate Hitler – at the end of his power – wanted to enforce a similar treaty with my mother for his power mentainance. When my mother refused, she was shot. All ended in blood, death, misunderstandings  and bitter revenge for Hitler and Germany. The conference of Yalta began on 4th February 1945 at 5 p.m. local time in the former Tsar Palace. Archibald Clark Kerr, looking for me, came to Yalta only on 5th February. He had been told in Germany, I would have died being buried on 6th February. But that wasn’t me, but the real Dieter Stanzeleit, who had died on tuberculosis. For safety reasons they had exchanged both names. Now I was called Dieter Stanzeleit, the dead real Dieter was buried under my security name. I got his death certificate. On 8th February Bomber Harris and Eisenhower were ordered by Churchill and Roosevelt to bomb and destroy Dresden. The preparations for the attack were running. On 12th February the conference of Yalta ended, the results were signed by Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. On 13th February Dresden was attacked. It was a drama. You may say a sign from God, from which we all should learn. That is why I would like to warn, solve all problems, negotiate, but don’t shot on humans.

    IT CACKLES IN EUROPE. The roosters crow, laid eggs are trampled on, Corona sends its greetings. Infections and Death are counted. Despite all our worries, we need courage and optimism:,We can do it!’ We need perspectives toward which we are heading. Democracy thrives on unity. An unlaid egg is Ukraine, in which wars are not only being waged today, but have been for decades. The Russian population in Ukraine is the problem. But not all Chinese are Chinese, not all Englishmen are Englishmen, or all Germans are Germans. There are Bavarians, Scots, Uyghurs. Don’t shoot minorities, love them like your kids. Don’t crush laid eggs. I prayed in Tibet, in the great Mosque in Cairo, in the Mormon Temple, in Synagogues. I don’t cry out my prayers. Democracy can only live with the acceptance of the minorities. In Washigton the minority in the Capitol raged. It is not for nothing that the Germans saw Mrs. Merkel as a mother for everyone. Pack the guns, learn to understand others. This is democracy in action.


    Es gackert in Europa. Die Hähne krähen, gelegte Eier werden zertreten, Coronona läst grüßen. Infekte und Todesfälle werden gezählt. Bei aller Sorge brauchen wir auch Mut und den Optimismus: ,Wir schaffen das!’ Wir brauchen Perspektiven, auf die wir hinsteuern. Demokratie lebt von der Einigkeit. Ein ungelegtes Ei ist die Ukraine, in der nicht nur heute gekriegt wird, sondern seit Jahrzehnten. Die russische Bevölkerung in der Ukraine ist das Problem. Aber sind doch nicht alle Chinesen Chinesen, alle Engländer Engländer, bzw. alle Deutschen Deutsche. Es gibt Bayern, Schotten, Uiguren. Schießen Sie nicht auf Minderheiten, haben Sie sie lieb. Zertreten Sie nicht gelegte Eier. Ich habe in Tibet gebetet, in der großen Moschee in Kairo, im Mormonen Tempel, in Synagogen. Ich schreie meine Gebete nicht hinaus. Demokratie kann nur mit Akzeptanz der Minderheiten leben. In Washington wütete die Minderheit im Capitol. Nicht umsonst haben die Deutschen Frau Merkel als ,Mutti’ für Alle angesehen. Packen Sie die Waffen ein. Lernen Sie die Anderen zu verstehen. Das ist gelebte Demoratie.