miercuri, 1 decembrie, 2021


    Pope Francis is striving for a closer cooperation between the Catholic and the Orthodox church. The Pope: ,Friendship and responsibility are required’.

    European Court: At suspected corruption immunity can be removed, even at presidents of the Central banks.

    Germany will reduce the growing pandemic until Christmas. The Chancellery: Our health system regionally overloaded.

    The German elected next Chancellor Scholz will introduce a General Compulsory vaccination.

    Peace Research Institute Oslo: Consumer prices almost 5 % grown compared with the previous year.

    According to ,Save the Children’ world-wide 452 million children are growing up in conflict areas, 193 million minors even under most
    dangerous conditions.

    Human Rights Watch: In 34 provinces Taliban has executed more than 100 former soldiers, police or security-men or some of them disappeared completely. However before, Taliban had announced a General Amnesty.

    Great Britain has proven 14 Omikron infected. All returning travelers need to have a PCR test.


    Dear Mrs. Dr. Angela Merkel, now we know, why an former Chancellor had called you ,Mein Mädchen!’ with the greatest respect and admiration. Now you are no longer his ,Mädchen’, but a wise, very wise, Leader in one of the most terrible, global catastrophes’, were you will be missed so much, when the Federal government would need your advise. Therefore my request to the ,new-comers’: The elections have been done, now it is the future. My humble advise to you Dr. Merkel: Travel to Tibet and pray in your language. Warm regards,


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