sâmbătă, 24 iulie, 2021

    GLOBAL WARMING will change the earth. It is like a deadly virus that is getting closer and closer and questioning the human existence on this, our earth. The earth could become the earth, our earth, only with the water. Water has two sides: to give and to destroy. Our life will also end in water, through the reshaping of the earth and its blessing from the beginning. Then it is pulled into a Black Hole, energetically charged and sent in search of a new place. This is the physical process. But there is much more: Our Life, given and passed on, is not just a physical process, but life with love and pain. By music, painting, art we are overwhelmed by feelings that shape a whole life. Processes in the eternal realm, in art, prayers, feeling, shape a life, had infinite previous lives and will live infinite further lives. We cannot stop global warming, but we can slow it down considerably. Our problem are the knowledge and the consequences. My suggestion: The problems are international tasks that can only be mastered and coordinated by a strong UN as an independent actor, including that of a significantly slowed down global warming.


    TOKYO and the Hidden Games

    Why there are spectators excluded at the Olympic Games? 

    In Japan in Concerts up to 5.000 people are allowed

    In Japan at Baseball and Football matches up to 5.000 spectators are allowed

    Why this secrecy with the hidden Olympic Games?




    The strongest impulse of living is egoism. If a selfish politician
    persuades his people that his ego is about to burst, he will be elected.
    That happened with North Stream II in changing roles, but also with D.
    Trump, where the poor hoped for the promised dawn and everything ended
    in the Capitol chaos. It is similar with Romanian agriculture. The
    farmers hawked their land and bought the ,fattest’ cars. The Ego grew,
    the production lost, and in supermarkets you can almost only find fruits
    from Poland, Greece and Turkey. The heavy Romanian melons are the only
    Romanian success. Romania was a paradise until 1943. With the kings
    there was the best agriculture, miserable roads and the greatest oil
    exports, but then with the communists a gigantic misery. But since the
    big cars are getting smaller and the green in parks and streets is
    growing, this may become an example for other European cities.


    Der stärkste Impuls von Lebewesen ist der Egoismus. Wenn ein
    egoistischer Politiker auf sein Volk einredet, dass ihm fast das Ego
    platzt, wird er gewählt. Das ist bei Nord Stream II in wechselnden
    Rollen passiert, aber auch bei D. Trump, wo die Armen sich die
    versprochene Morgenröte erhofften und alles im Capitol-chaos endete.
    Ähnlich ist es mit der rumänischen Landwirtschaft. Die Bauern
    verhökerten ihr Land und kauften sich die dicksten Autos. Das Ego wuchs,
    die Produktion verlor, und in Supermärkten finden Sie fast nur Früchte
    aus Polen, Griechenland und Türkei. Erfolgreich sind nur die dicken
    rumänischen Melonen. Bis 1943 war Rumänien ein reiches Paradies. Mit den
    Königen hatte es die beste Landwirtschaft, miserabile Straßen und die
    größten Öl-Exporte, dann aber mit den Kommunisten eine gigantische
    Misere. Doch seitdem die dicken Autos kleiner werden und das Grün in
    Parks und Straßen wächst, könnte dies ein Beispiel für weitere
    europäische Städte werden.


    A FAKED DOCUMENT in order to prove in Romania that former King Michael has married with Ana in Athens.

    1. Ex-King Mihai was no longer ,Rege I al Romania’. 

    2. He was no longer a Romanian Citizen 

    3. His Domicile wasn’t Romania, because he had been exiled

    The translation of the General Secretary of the Greek government that there is no marriage certified in Greece, so there was no marriage. 

    The later published information that it was a religious marriage is faked as well, because Mihai was Orthodox and Ana was Catholic which – at least that time – had forbidden any marriage.

    A hard rending English document

    King George VI and Queen Elizabeth want to visit Romania in June 1939 (the period Crown-prince Mihai and Nerissa Jane Irene Bowes-Lyon should marry). On the original Archive’s document is a big stain of blood!  Mihai as the King hadn’t protected the life of Nerissa in August 1944. So she and me were deported to Hitler’s camp ,Wolfsschanze’. There she was shot in front of me. This was also testified by general of Kielmansegg, later supreme commander of the NATO.



    EU Drug Authority has admitted Corona-vaccination by Moderna and Biontech for children from 12 years.

    German Railways estimate the damage at the West-German terrible thunderstorms and floods at 1,3 billion Euro.

    Olympic Games were opened in Tokyo by Emperor Naruhito! ,The pandemic separated us. United under the light of the Olympic Games we are stronger.’

    Weather forecast for Saturday in West Germany: New strong rainfalls and thunderstorms Saturday afternoon in Western Germany.

    The USA offered a dialogue with North Korea. North Korea’s foreign minister replied: ,It would cost time only.’

    China’s president Xi Jinping in Tibet. He wanted to find out more about the Tibetan heritage and culture.